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Pass the bottle

Here’s a virtual glass bottle that needs to be passed on. If you are the one to empty and recycle it, you win a real bottle.

  1. Select 3 of your friends
    Create a recycling circle with you and 3 of your facebook friends. One of you will win a real bottle!
  2. Start passing the bottle
    Drink a half or full glass. Then pass the bottle to the next friend. The bottle circulates until it runs dry.
  3. Try to empty and recycle the bottle
    Drink strategically. Each bottle contains 4 full glasses (8 half glasses). Try to be the one who can empty the bottle, by choosing how much you drink each round and be the one who ends up recycling the bottle.
    • You think you can empty the bottle at once? Take a full glass.
    • You think the bottle still contains too much to finish it? Take half a glass and hope the bottle goes around another time.
  4. Recycle to win!
    Your recycling effort will be rewarded with a real bottle of a delicious drink. Cheers!

You have 1 in 4 chances of winning!

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